Now The Green Blade Rises – String Quartet Arrangement

Looking for a timeless and beautiful string quartet arrangement of the Easter hymn tune, “Now the Green Blade Rises”? Look no further than the stunning arrangement by Ben Clapton of Joyful Noise Music Studio!

This arrangement is a wonderful showcase of Clapton’s talents as a composer and arranger. He has taken the old French tune Noel Nouvelet and created a lush and harmonious piece of music that is perfect for Easter services, weddings, and any other special occasion. The piece is scored for two violins, viola, and cello, making it a perfect choice for a skilled string quartet.

This arrangement of “Now the Green Blade Rises” starts with a standard hymn tune arrangement, with the melody in the first violin. However, as the piece progresses, Clapton expands on this basic arrangement with more ornamentation and a greater use of harmony.

About halfway through the piece, the tune is transformed into compound time, which adds a whole new layer of complexity and depth to the arrangement. The tune is passed around the quartet, with each instrument taking a turn at playing the melody and adding their own unique ornamentation.

Finally, the piece returns to simple time for a joyous finish to the arrangement, with all four instruments playing together to create a beautiful and uplifting finale.

This arrangement of “Now the Green Blade Rises” is not only beautiful to listen to, but also fun and rewarding to play. Musicians of varying skill levels will find something to enjoy in this arrangement, from the simple and straightforward beginning to the more complex and challenging middle section.

If you’re looking for a beautiful string quartet arrangement of a classic Easter hymn tune, look no further than Ben Clapton’s arrangement of “Now the Green Blade Rises”. Available for purchase from Sheet Music Direct and Sheet Music Plus, this arrangement is a must-have for any string quartet looking to add a beautiful and uplifting piece of music to their repertoire.


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