In Christ Alone – Keith Getty and Stuart Townend

“In Christ Alone” is a popular modern Christian hymn, written by Keith Getty and Stuart Townend. Composed in 2001, the lyrics of this song are credal in nature, speaking about the life, death and resurrection of Christ.

This arrangement is an adaptable arrangement suitable for many uses. The first, repeated section contains a basic hymn tune arrangement that is easy and able to be played by all players. If accompanying singing, then you can just repeat this section for the four verses.
Following this, the arrangement explores the text musically. A short shift into the tonic minor expands the words “There in the ground His body lay, Light of the world by darkness slain” before a sudden shift back to the tonic major with the words “Bursting forth in glorious day.” The accompaniment becomes a triplet ostinato which helps bring out the victory theme in the latter part of this verse, invoking a feel of a snare drum in a marching band.
The music then starts preparing for a final verse, taking a small melodic motif and passing it around the quartet as it modulates up a tone to E major. The last half of this verse is repeated, with the second violin accompanying part mirroring the melody an octave lower to provide a base for the soaring melody of the first violin high on the E string.

This arrangement would be suitable for church accompaniment (first section repeated), or for special performance. The first violin part is quite advanced, ranging to G#6 (sixth position), however the remainder of the parts would be playable by intermediate players.

String Quartet Arrangement. List Price: US$12.99. Buy it here.

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