Commissioning countdown – study and review

Well, we’ve finished out placement at Waverley, which means we’re officially into our final countdown to commissioning. Including today, there are 28 days until commissioning. I thought that as a little outlet for me – and as an insight for everyone outside of the college – I would share what’s happening as the disciples of the cross prepare for our commissioning.
Well today was the start of a study week for most of us. There are some who have chosen to do an intensive, but for the rest of us, it’s an opportunity to finish off our assignments, and perhaps get a start on our packing.
For me, it’s time to study for my new testament Greek exam. I’ve done really well this semester, and the exam will be mostly bonus points, but I’m still keen to do as all as I can.

It’s also time for our final reviews. Each semester, we’ve gone through a review process to see how we’re going, and where we need to improve. This last one is more of a review of our whole experience, and also looking forward into our officership. I had my review today, and it was really great, a fantastic encouragement and recognition of what I brought to college.

Looking forward to a great couple of weeks as we had into this incredibly special time.

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