Do Parents beliefs equal your own?

I was asked a question on my Facebook page when looking for inspiration on what to write. She asked, “‘if my parents believe it/vote for it/say it/follow it, does this mean I should do it unquestioningly too?”

It’s a difficult question, and one that I don’t think there is one specific answer to. It will very much depend on your own family upbringing and circumstances.

In my own family, my parents have very strong beliefs, and they have passed those onto myself and my sister – yet I would say my sister and I have very different beliefs. So while our beliefs have been passed down from our parents, there is part of our own make up, our own experiences that determines how much of that we accept or not.

So that’s my experience, and while it doesn’t definitively answer that question, I hope it’s something. And I’d like to hear what you think on that question, on how much your parents have influenced your beliefs, and whether you’ve had your own choice on those beliefs.

2 thoughts on “Do Parents beliefs equal your own?

  1. And Ben, you will remember that my parents always Voted for the Liberal Party, and I certainly don’t, and my Dad was Churches of Christ and I am now Anglican, and you are Salvation Army.

    I think parents can give their kids a push-off in a certain direction, but ultimately they have the freedom to change direction.

    The challenge in staying the same is whether or not that is a matter of conviction or simply a comfortable accident of birth.

  2. thanks Ben! I don’t think there’s a right answer either haha… sorry to put you on the spot 😛 … and like what your dad said about choices being ‘a matter of conviction or simply a comfortable accident of birth.’ comes down to motive, I guess haha

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