My wonderful wife

I’m sorry for anyone who isn’t my wife who reads this, because this may get a bit mushy. But I’ve only got 30 minutes of battery on my laptop, so I may have to cut it short, but I want to dedicate this post to my beautiful wife.

She’s been waiting for this post for a while, as she one day discovered a journal entry I had written about a summer crush I once had. She was worried that she wasn’t journal material.

Well, I’m telling you now, and the entire world, that she was much more than journal material, she is wife material.

My wife is incredible, and amazes me with the things she does. Not only is she deeply involved at church, but she is in a job that is as much a ministry as it is work. And not only is she brilliant at it, but (I would say) she is an industry leader at her job.

Liesl has developed and implemented programs in her work that she has then gone on to teach to other children’s workers at conferences. She has modified an existing program to make it relevant, specific, and tailored to the children she is working with – and now has been asked to share this modified program with the government. She has worked with so many children in her short time at this job, and has touched – and improved – so many of them. I get to hear about these stories, and I’m just amazed.

The thing that enables her to do all of this is her passion. Her passion for God, her passion for life, her passion for helping people. She doesn’t know how to go halves – it’s all, or nothing. And nothing is never an option.

Her love for her friends is inspiring, and will go out of her way to help them. It hurts sometimes, but she would never give them up for anything.

Liesl is my rock, she holds me together, she inspires me to keep going. She is my sounding board, and my confidant. My best friend, my love, my wife, my life.

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