Don’t try so hard!

I played a round of golf on Monday, as I had a morning off from work. The first couple of holes weren’t great, until I started telling myself not to try so hard.

See, when I tried hard, the extra power would put my technique all off, and my shots would either be really short, or a long way off target. But, when I allowed the club to do the work, shots were straighter. Yes, I lost some distance through the loss of power, but my shots were more consistent, and I was able to shoot some good scores.

How often do we try too hard in areas of our lives, only to have it not go as well as we expected? Don’t try too hard! Allow your body, and the tools you use, to do the work in the way they were intended. Yes, it might not be as big as it could be, but the results will be more consistent.

What in your life have you been trying too hard at?

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One thought on “Don’t try so hard!

  1. I’m not sure, but it is a good question. Sometimes I wonder if I am trying too hard now, but I don’t see any alternative than to try as hard as I can, if that makes sense.

    It is a good question though and so very true.

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