A Week in the life – Friday through Sunday

Well, while I would’ve liked to have posted every day through the weekend, it was so busy, I don’t think I got the computer turned on between Friday and Sunday. Three full days has me sitting here on Monday, trying to remember what happened.

Friday started early, as it normally does, with me leaving home at 7.15 to get to Thornlie Christian College to teach by 8.30. A full day of teaching follows, finishing at 4.30. From there I started the drive to Floreat to help out with their youth group. Dinner along the way, and an agonisingly slow drive up the freeway (normally at that time, it’s quite clear, but was packed on friday). Got to the hall, and got to spend a bit of quiet time with Liesl before needing to help set up for “Gross Games” – which is literally what it sounds like – games that are gross. We had passing cheezles cheek to cheek with peanut butter on our cheeks, searching for tic tacs in milo using only our tongue (and faces still covered in peanut butter), fishing for lollies in cold spaghetti using only our feet, my personal favourite was the twister where each of the dots were covered with condiments – mustard, tomato sauce, blue jelly and gherkin spread. Of course, this turned into a food fight by the end of it where everyone got very messy. It was good fun.

After youth group, and dropping one of the youth groupers off home, I allowed another one to drive my car for a bit. He’s learning to drive, and doesn’t get much time behind the wheel. He was a pretty safe driver, just a few things to watch out for, and as I get more familiar with him, I’m sure I’ll let him drive a bit more. After surviving that, I popped over to Liesl’s to spend a bit of time with her, before heading back home.

Saturday started early again, as I had said I would be at Liesl’s at 7.30am. Waking up at 7.15 put a stop to that, and she was appreciative of the few minutes of extra sleep I gave her. But we needed to be off early, going to a breakfast with the Chrysalis community that I’m involved in. A good opportunity to meet up again, and Liesl got to meet a few faces that she’ll be seeing when she goes on the flight in July 🙂

Then it was off to another event to see our mate Paul shave his hair. Me shaving Paul's hairI was the inspiration for Paul participating this year, so of course I donated and got to shave his hair. It was a great event, and he raised over $1000 for the Leukaemia foundation, as well as some money for the men’s ministry at his church (proceeds of the Sausage Sizzle and Cans etc).

Then it was of to the main event, per se. It was only 11.30 by this stage, so we’d barely got through the morning. Now it was time to head over to Adventure world. I hadn’t been since I was in year 5, so it’s changed quite significantly. The reason for going was to meet Liesl’s sister whom she hadn’t seen in 18 years. Being only 19, it was like meeting her for the first time.  It was good to meet her and her daughters (15 and 17), and they seem like great people whom I hope to get to know well over the coming months and years.

Adventure World was great fun – I did some things that I haven’t done before. I think my favourites are the water slides, though I did have fun on the Rollercoaster (first time in quite a while being on a rollercoaster), and also the Powersurge, spinning me this way and that. I would’ve tried the Rampage, but wasn’t feeling the best after the Rollercoaster/Powersurge double.  I think I won’t make it so long between visits, as there’s a few things that I’d love to do still – the Rampage, Bounty’s Revenge, the Go-Karts, and a few more trips down the Waterslides.

In the evening, Liesl hosted a “Wii and Singstar night” where we played Guitar Hero World Tour, Wii Sports, and Singstar. A great night, and a fun way to spend time with friends, but I started showing the effects of two long days, and Liesl insisted that I crash in the spare bed. After everyone left, around midnight, I got to the spare bed, and was asleep within minutes.

PizzaSunday, and an early start. I left Liesl’s place around 7.30 – before anyone else was awake – in order to get back to my place, have a shower and breakfast, and get off to Church for the music. There I was informed that bible study would not be on, making it a full month since I’ve been, but it did make it possible for me to attend the evening service at Floreat. In the afternoon, I headed off to Caversham House, where Liesl’s best friend, Tanya, was hosting a Pizza Picnic event for her work. We had a great time, eating some lovely pizza, and chatting and stuff.

After a brief rest period watching some Scrubs, we headed down to Floreat for rehearsal for the Worship band before the service. The service itself was great, and was good to be able to share fellowship with both my churches in the one day. Dinner with a small group of us after the service, then back to Liesl’s for more scrubs and prayer time.

So as you can see, a pretty full weekend, and it’s no real surprise that I was quite tired, and didn’t have time to write any blogs. But we’ll see if I can put another one up tonight as reflections of my week.

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