On This Day… October 14

Today we look at one of the major pieces of the violin repertoire. Antonin Dvorak’s Violin Concerto in A minor, Op. 108, premiered on this day in 1883.

Dvorak met violinist Joseph Joachim in 1878, and was inspired to write a violin concerto with the intention of dedicating it to him. When he had completed the concerto in 1879, the abrupt truncation of the exposition of the first movement, along with the short recapitulation and the attacca second movement, led Joachim to grow unwary about the concerto dedication. Nothing is recorded of his own comments, however he never performed the piece. It was premiered by violinist František Ondříček in Prague, who also performed the Vienna and London Premieres.

Sarah Chang is a wonderful violinist, whose performance of the Dvorak concerto is regarded as one of her best. Thanks to the wonderful YouTube community, we have her performing this concerto, followed by an interview which was done following this performance.

Did you like Sarah’s performance? Or do you prefer another violinists performance? Let me know in the comments, or write a blog post about it linking back here, and I’ll add a link below.

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