Online Missional Church

I’m doing a unit at the moment called Missional Spirituality, and the readings for this week have got me thinking. It’s all about engaging in the world using the tools that are available – and in a sense, the tools that are at the forefront of the world. When the Christian Church started to develop, it wouldn’t have spread so fast was it not for the network of roads and, in a sense, the post network of the Roman Empire that allowed Peter and Paul and others to send pastoral letters to encourage the new communities of faith. When the printing press was invented, it allowed the bible to be mass-produced for the first time and people could have a copy in their homes. When TV came along, so did Television evangelists. But today, when the internet, and social networking is so entrenched in our society, is the church really as effective at using this method of communication as we could be? Continue reading “Online Missional Church”

An open letter to our new Prime Minister

Opposition Leader Tony Abbott (16)
Opposition Leader Tony Abbott (16) (Photo credit: Troy Constable Photography™)

Dear Mr Abbott,
Firstly, congratulations on being elected our latest national leader. You ran a very professional campaign, and defeated an opposition who was trying hard not to implode, whilst trying to destroy themselves at the same time.

So you are now the elected official to lead our country into the next three years. And while I didn’t personally vote for you, and I don’t agree with many of your policies, I thought that I would share some advice from myself, of things I would like to see as the hallmarks of your time as prime minister. Continue reading “An open letter to our new Prime Minister”