Not a Booksneeze blogger

Looking forward to diving into this - thanks t...I came across this service, Booksneeze, the other day. It looked like a great idea. They send out books to bloggers, the bloggers review the book, publish a review and copy it to a site such as Amazon, and then get to do what they want with the book.

Thinking this would be a great little addition to my website, I applied. I looked through the website just to check any details, couldn’t find any reason as to why I wouldn’t get approved. As part of the application process, they ask what country you’re from, which makes sense because they’d need to send out the book to you and would need to know the address.

So I applied, and waited for my approval. Continue reading “Not a Booksneeze blogger”

The end of a period

Uniting Church in Australia

I know it’s usually the end of an era, but I don’t think eighteen months really classifies as an era. Today I finished at the Uniting Church in WA.

It’s odd  to think that in July last year, I was sitting in Soto, writing this post about how I had finally found a job. After six months of looking for work, and coming literally about a week away from going to K-Mart to do anything there, I found a job that really allowed me to embrace my passions.

Over my time there, I have really grown to love that job, and be proud of my achievements there, so much so that I want to share them with you. Continue reading “The end of a period”