Spotting Potential

I’ve been at a Candidates weekend for the Salvos this weekend. I’ve had an incredible time, meeting people all considering heading to the Training College to become Salvation Army Officers. Over this time, I’ve also been reading Bill Hybel’s Just Walk Across the Room. I’d like to quote a couple of paragraphs.

Better than anyone in history, in any field or discipline, Jesus capitalized on the possibility in people – the hidden potential inherent in all of us. Talented entrepreneurs in our society see hidden potential in a product or service before anybody else does – and as a result of pursuing their vision, cutting-edge companies emerge. Expert athletic coaches often spot hidden potential in a high school football player or tennis player, and because of applied foresight, collehe sports dynasties are built.
But Jesus had a corner on the “potential” market. He had an uncanny ability to look past the obvious flaws in people’s lives and envision who they could become if the power of God were released in their lives. Intrinsically, he just wondered about people. Wondered what they could become. Wondered how they might look in a transformed state. Wondered what impact they could have if their lives were invested in things of eternal value.

“All things are possible” was Jesus” mantra. All things. And countless lives were transformed because he chose to look past the surface stuff to see what was ultimately possible.

For every person here this weekend, God has looked past the flaws that we all have, and has seen the potential we have to change the world for Jesus. He has called us, and we have responded. For some of us. It’s going to college next year, for others, it’s going in a few years. For some, that calling may not include college. But we have all heard his call, and have responded.
God sees your potential. All he’s asking is for you to respond.