Very Clever Spam

My site at work got a spam comment on one of our posts. In fact, we got two, but one wasn’t really a spam comment. But it set up one of the most interesting methods of spam that I have seen in quite a while. Continue reading “Very Clever Spam”

Cleveland clubs heading my way

Today I went off to Marangaroo Golf Course to treat myself – to get fitted for a new set of golf clubs. Having properly fitted clubs will help my game a great deal. I met with Ross, who guided me through the process.

We started off with a discussion of the process, and how we would go about choosing the right clubs. They use a Mizuno fitting system, which is a special club that measures club head speed, as well as a few other statistics. I hit a few shots, then we went back to the shop. I have a club head speed that’s about average, however, my total swing routine is slow, which can increase torque in the club. That meant that the club at impact would be either a little open or closed, and the ball would not hit straight. The solution to that is to stick with a steel shaft for my irons. Graphite may have less flex, but it also has more torque, so while I would get more distance, I would lose accuracy.

From that, I was asked about my budget. I had a maximum of $1250 to spend, but was hoping to spend between $800-1000. Ross then took a look around the shop, looking for what sort of clubs would fit in my budget range, and be good for my swing. He narrowed it down to four irons and three drivers. There was a set of Wilson Fat Shaft clubs that was a complete set, a set of Cobra graphite irons, a set of Mizuno irons, and the new Cleveland CG16 irons. We had the matching Wilson, Mizuno and Cleveland drivers.

I hit a few shots with each of the irons. The Fat Shaft wasn’t really working for me. We had already thought that a lighter steel shaft was what I needed, but it was included because it was a complete set and at the bottom of my budget. The Mizuno clubs had nothing wrong with them, but for some reason, they weren’t coming off the face quite right. The King Cobra clubs felt really good, and came well off the face, as did the Cleveland CG16’s. I couldn’t really split the difference, so it was basically going to come down to cost on which ones would be best for me.

With the Wilson irons out of the picture, there was no need to try the Wilson driver. So it was just the Mizuno and Cleveland drivers. I took a few hits with both of them, and it started feeling like the Cleveland was the one that felt right in the hands. SO we headed back to the shop to price the two sets, the Cleveland driver and 3 wood, and either the King Cobra’s or the Cleveland clubs.

It turned out that because the King Cobras were already significantly reduced, so the entire set couldn’t be reduced, so the set of CG16 irons ended up being the cheapest options.

Because the CG16 was not sold as a set, but as the individual irons, I could actually get the lie angle and length adjusted especially for me. So we headed back down with a lie board, and saw where my clubs were hitting. We found out that I was actually hitting the ground quite near the heel, which also meant that my club head was rotating at impact sending my ball off in different directions. So with a club set up with the right lie angle, I’ll be hitting the ball with a square face (hopefully).

So with the lie angle all done, all that was left to do was order the clubs and pay for them. Because they’re being custom fitted, it will take a little while for them to arrive, but by the time I get back from Melbourne, I’ll have a full set of Cleveland golf clubs. I’m looking forward to my first round with them. The drivers don’t need to be adjusted, so I’ve got the driver and three wood for my round tomorrow.

So for anyone who’s looking to order a set of custom fitted clubs, I hope this sheds an insight into the process for you.

I knew it, I just didn’t get it

I’ve finally got around to start reading Bill Hybel’s book, “Just Walk across the room” and it’s already got me posting something, and this is only from the introduction!

Bill is telling us of the time when he was seventeen and he accepted Jesus into his heart. He was at a camp, and one night had a realisation that Jesus loved him, and there was nothing he could do to earn that love. He ran back to the dorm to tell his mates, armed with a series of “Guys, did you know…?” questions. They all came back to him saying “Yea, yea, Bill, we know all that.” He said to himself, “I just never got it until now.”

How often have we heard the stories of the bible, yet only really got the meaning of them later. You might read it and get new insight, or have it explained in a different way and suddenly, it all fits. We can know, but sometimes we just really don’t get it.

For me, I had one of those moments on a spiritual retreat, Chrysalis. I heard the story of the Prodigal Son explained in a really simple way, and it just clicked. That story that I had such a hard time relating to for all those years, suddenly I could see myself in every character in the story. I knew the story, I just didn’t get it. Now that I get it, I can take that knowledge into my life, and live accordingly.

Have you had a light bulb moment, where you suddenly understood something that you’ve known for a while?

Climate Change… it doesn’t matter who caused it, we must act now.

Climate change, or Global Warming, or whatever you wish to call it, is still a big issue. My friend and fellow Postaday2011 blogger, Wondering Pilgrim, posted on it today, and explained how he felt at a disadvantage when countering skeptics arguments. I wanted to share today the video that made up my mind on this issue. This video was published in 2007. It has since received over 8 million total views.

If you don’t have time to watch it, here’s the basics of it. He makes a chart with 2 option on each axis. Human Induced Climate Change (HICC) is real, HICC is not real on one axis, and We Act, and We Don’t act on the other axis. He takes both possibilities to the extremes, and comes out with saying the only choice, that we must act.

We must make a significant investment in clean and renewable energy. I make the point of a difference between clean and renewable, as Nuclear (both Uranium and Thorium) is just the same as Coal. It’s a finite resource. We will eventually mine all of the nuclear material, just as we’re close to mining all of the coal. In that sense, we must make significant investment in renewable energy. Yes, solar panels aren’t at a stage right now where they can power a city. But by combining safe Nuclear power (including finding a safe and clean way to dispose of the waste), we can then buy time to invest in the Solar Panel and other renewable energy solutions to get them to a point where we can run entirely off them.

In the end, it doesn’t matter who or what caused Global Climate Change, we must act now to reduce and remove our impact upon it. There is simply no other option.

Three significant events in my life

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A couple of days ago, it was my birthday. I turned 25. So I think it’s an appropriate time for me to reflect and give my thoughts on what I thought were the three most significant events that have occurred during my lifetime. Continue reading “Three significant events in my life”

Christian Music Sucks! (well, some of it)

The logo at the Christian Music Wiki
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I was thinking the other day. Liesl tells me that it’s never a good idea. But I was thinking that there’s a lot of really bad music out there, and a lot of it is Christian music. Take this video for an example:

Take a real good listen to those lyrics. “He is like a Mounty, he always gets his man, and he’ll zap you anyway he can. Zap!” I’m sorry Sonseed, but you really can’t get much more cheesy than that.

See, that’s the problem with bad Christian music – they try to write a “Christian” song, and it ends up being cheesy, kitschy and just plain wrong. However, there is hope. There is a multitude of musicians out there, who are Christians, who write fantastic music that is up there with “secular” music.

Take for example this little band. They’ve got some great songs, and are really deep in faith.

U2 are fairly well-known as being a very spiritual group, with Bono having a deep Christian faith, but also an understanding that to get his message out to the world, it can’t be shoved down people’s throats, but coming through every facet of their music and lives.

Naturally 7, if you’re not aware, are a band that only use their voice. Liesl and I saw them opening for Michael Bublé, and were amazed. Their version of Can you feel it in the Air tonight is amazing.

And they write their own songs too, like Bless this House.

And remember, every sound they make is made with the human voice. And they’re Christian too – they’re headlining at Easterfest 2011, a massive Christian festival being held in Toowomba.

For something a bit heavier, why not try Underoath? This Christian metal band have played at the big heavy rock/metal festivals such as Soundwave, and are not shy in hiding their faith at those events either.

One of my favourite bands at the moment is New Empire. They’re currently touring with Good Charlotte, opening for them. It’s very much a pop-rock sound, but if you didn’t know they were Christian, it would sound very much like any other band out there.

And there’s heaps more out there too. Everything from Metal to A capella. Ska to Soulful, it’s all there, and it’s all brilliant. All you need to do is go searching for it.

My Wonderful Birthday Weekend

This weekend was incredibly busy. On Friday, we hosted a farewell for one of a friends who’s heading to America to be an Au Pair. That was a great party, with a fair few people. Saturday was my birthday party. We played a round of Supa Golf, which I ended up taking out with a brilliant round of 44. If only I could shoot that in actual golf! I even finished with a brilliant drive on the par 4 120m 18th hole that reached the green. That night, we had a few mates around for a barbeque to help celebrate.

Sunday, and we started off the day leading our first service, this time at the Kwinana Corps. It went pretty well, but I learnt a very valuable lesson – always run your Children’s Story before the actual day. I was trying to open this bag of pebbles, and it ended up going everywhere. All these bright coloured pebbles all over the floor in front of the Holiness table. Oops! Following the service, it was up to my parents for lunch, and then home for a bit of a rest, and a wonderful dinner with my wife.

It as an incredibly busy weekend, but it was incredibly rich, spending time with friends and family. I want to thank everyone who came and helped me have a great weekend.

The Masters Masters

The masters began today. Arnold Palmer and Jack Nicklaus were invited to hit the first drives of this seventy-fifth US Masters.seeing these greats that still have it makes me want to get back out on the course. I’ve got my birthday party tomorrow, we’re going Supa golfing. Then hopefully next week I’ll not only get out on the course, but order my new set of golf clubs. See you at the nineteenth!

Religious Tolerance isn’t removing religion

A Christmas tree in the United States.
I fail to see this Christmas Tree imposing Christianity on anyone. (Image via Wikipedia)

There’s a lot of talk going around at the moment about “religious tolerance” or “freedom of religion.” There was the Bondi Public School who banned the word “Easter” being associated with their Easter Hat Parade because they were trying to promote tolerance. Then there’s the new Childcare laws that have been passed in Victoria that prevent Children being forced to participate in Religious or Cultural activities, such as decorating Christmas trees and painting Easter eggs, yet they’re also not allowed to separate children from the group “for any reason other than illness or an accident.” Continue reading “Religious Tolerance isn’t removing religion”

Evangelism for those uncomfortable with it

There are many dirty words around. Often referred to by the first letter, there’s one word that Anglicans don’t like: The E word. Evangelism. Coming from an Anglican background, it’s something that I’ve never been comfortable with. the thought of going out there and telling someone why they should be a Christian is something that fills me with dread. Unfortunately for me, as I want to become an officer of the Salvation Army, this is something that I am going to have to get over. Continue reading “Evangelism for those uncomfortable with it”