Has Twitter decreased our Internet Safety?

There is no doubt that Twitter has taken the world by storm. The micro-blogging phenomenon has led us to communicate more to whoever is listening about anything and everything. Most major TV events will have twitter abuzz, there are even some TV shows that will hit the twitter top trends when shown in the US.

However, with the increased use of Twitter, has this lead to a lapse in Internet Security practices?

My main concern is the use of shortlinks, or URL Shortening Services. These have sprung up over the last year or so, and now there is a large number of these services out there – and often you can run one from your own website with very little technical knowhow. Even WordPress has one now, so that this page address which is




Much shorter, and easier to put into a twitter message of 140 characters.

However, has this service made us lapse about our own personal internet security practices? Continue reading “Has Twitter decreased our Internet Safety?”