The Death Penalty

My mind has been taken up with the issue of the death penalty for the last little while. It has obviously come about as a result of the reports of the death by execution of the 3 “Bali Bombers.” The problem I have been having comes in two parts – what does my Christian faith say about it, and why did the Australian Government wait until after their execution to say that they will push for an international moratorium on the death penalty? Continue reading “The Death Penalty”

What Obama’s Win could mean for music

Barack Obama is the President-Elect. This we know. But, what could this mean for music? This is what I look forward to seeing over the next little while. In this period of economic crisis, it was Obama that the musicians went to, not McCain. The Barack Obama Music Coalition includes artists such as David Crosby, Joanna Newsome,, Morrisey, Wilco and The Greatful Dead as supporters of Obama. His policy towards music and the arts will come later. What I want to look at in this post is what musicians can get from Obama’s campaign so far. Continue reading “What Obama’s Win could mean for music”